J. J. Keller Career Stories

At J. J. Keller, we believe every associate is a Difference Maker.

In other words, our work is more than a career. It's a means to follow a passion, a belief or a life goal.

J. J. Keller fully supports associates in their quest to make a difference and in their personal career stories.

Learn more by hearing from our associates themselves.

Meet J. J. Keller Associates

Xochitl Pauls

Sr. Sales Representative - Key Accounts

Xochitl helps businesses stay in compliance with OSHA, DOT, and HR regulations. She partners with clients to sell several cloud based programs that provide solutions that help them create safe work environments for their employees.

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Jacob Hipp

Sr. Developer, Technology Solutions

Jacob develops features (and squashes bugs) for a large ASP.NET Web Forms + SQL Server platform that helps clients in the transportation industry meet Department of Transportation requirements. His work helps protect people and the businesses they run.

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Ashley Schlosser

Associate Client Service Manager

Ashley joined J. J. Keller in 2017 as a data-entry specialist. She has been promoted within the company and is now a Client Service Manager. She leads and develops a growing team that helps clients comply with important regulations.

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Philip Garcia

Associate Driver Training Manager

Philip leads a team of California-based driver trainers that are responsible for the successful delivery of driver training services, ensuring training is completed effectively and in line with client expectations and contract obligations.

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Cindy Steinhorst

Senior Account Executive, Fleet Services

Cindy listens to customers challenges, their safety and compliance initiatives, and goals for process improvement. After verifying notes and sometimes multiple meetings to discuss the scope in detail, she makes recommendations that best match J. J. Keller's solutions.

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Rickeshia Cox

Senior Quality Assurance Analyst

As the Senior QA Analyst for the Video Protects team, Rickeshia is responsible for testing the video product to ensure it exceeds customer expectations, as well as managing video product releases.

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